Zelkova (zelkova serrata)

Zelkova (zelkova serrata) (One of a Kind)
Zelkova (zelkova serrata)
The Japanese Zelkova is native to cool climate areas of western Asia and Japan. It is a deciduous outdoor bonsai, whose leaves resemble that of English or American Elms, but are smaller. Although they are related to the Elms, they do not encounter the same diseases and in many cases are used as Elm substitutes. In winter they produce small, greenish flowers that have a slight perfume. In the fall the leaves turn shades of golden yellow to bronze before falling. Keep outdoors. 10 years old. 13″x12″x18″. Potted in an 8″ ceramic black rectangular container as shown. Suitable 10″x8″ humidity tray is recommended. To purchase add $4.95. Shipped via UPS ground – $19.95.
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